How to Identify HP Laptop Charger Easily in 2023

A laptop is a very useful device for business and home use. A laptop is a portable computer with a screen that can be folded, rotated, or detachable so that it can be transported from one place to another. 

The HP laptop charger is the one that helps to draw power from an outlet to charge the battery of a laptop. A laptop has an integrated battery which is rechargeable and the HP laptop charger is used to charge it.

Here is a guide on how to identify HP laptop charger for your laptop.


Choosing the correct charger is one of the most important steps to having a well-functioning computer. Some chargers are not compatible with a laptop and can cause damage if you use them. 

Researching what your options are and what compatible chargers are can be difficult to do without prior knowledge. Here is a guide on how to find the right charger for your HP laptop and what is compatible.

How to Identify the Original Laptop Charger

How to Identify HP Laptop Charger Easily in 2023

Identifying the right charger for your laptop can sometimes be tricky and many people often get confused about the charger they need to buy. This can result in buying an incorrect or damaged charger, which not only leads to disappointment but also costs you more money in the long run.

To avoid this, it’s important to know how to identify your laptop charger so that you can find the right HP Laptop Charger easily and also save some time and money. This guide will help you with that!

Step 1: Determine the Charger Plug Configuration

To identify an HP laptop charger, first, you need to look at your laptop’s plug. The end of your computer power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet will have one of two types of connectors: a wide round tip or a narrow, pin-like prong.

 If your laptop has a round tip, it’s more likely that your device uses power from an AC adapter with a wide plug. If you have a laptop with a pin-like tip, then it’s likely that you need an adapter with narrow prongs.

Step 2: Determine Your AC Adapter’s Voltage Output

Your laptop’s adapter has a voltage rating, often listed as AC input voltage or DC output voltage. For a typical 19-volt, 65-watt model (this is quite common), your adapter will output 19 volts of DC power at 65 watts. If you have an older computer, it may use a 20-volt, 100-watt charger instead.

 If you need to replace your adapter, choose a model with a voltage rating at least as high as your current one. For example, if you have a 19-volt AC adapter, buy another 19-volt model. 

You shouldn’t use an adapter that supplies more power than what your laptop needs. The higher voltage is likely only meant for very large laptops or gaming rigs that require additional power.

Step 3: Check to See if You Have a 65W or 90W Adapter

HP laptop chargers come in several different variations, and you should check yours to see if it is a 65W or 90W adapter. The easiest way to do that is by looking at your original charger and checking its wattage. 

Look for a label on the bottom of your HP laptop charger that includes its wattage—this will tell you what kind of adapter you need for your laptop. If you don’t see a label on your original charger, there are other ways to figure out which kind of adapter you need. 

Start by checking for a number near your laptop’s charging port, which indicates what wattage your computer uses. If you have an HP laptop that is less than four years old, it will be able to use either a 65W or 90W adapter.

Step 4: Check the Connector Type

The connector on your laptop charger determines which kind of power outlet you will need. The majority of modern-day chargers have a USB output, so they are quite universal. 

Still, you should check your laptop’s specifications and make sure that the model is compatible with your desired charger. If it isn’t, buy a new one! 

Your laptop also requires a certain wattage in order to function properly. You can find out what type of wattage your laptop needs by checking its manual or online specs. 

You can also take a look at its charging port and see if there is any information regarding its voltage.

Step 5: Match Connector to Universal Charger

When buying a new laptop charger, you should always buy from an authorized dealer. It’s important to find out what type of connector your laptop uses and choose a universal charger that supports that model. 

To identify your charger connector, first look at where it attaches to your laptop. The bottom of the connector will have either one or two small tabs that slide into grooves on your laptop. 

If there are two tabs, your laptop is using a USB-C connection. If there is only one tab, then you need to identify which type of connector is used by looking at its shape. 

There are four different types: barrel (rectangular), rectangular (like a flash drive), circular (like Apple’s MagSafe), and mini-USB.

 Find your laptop’s specific connector by looking at your original charger or finding a similar type on Google Images. If you can’t find an exact match, you will have to purchase a universal charger that supports your model of laptop.

Tips for Buying a Laptop Charger

What are the things we need to consider before Buying the HP charger? 

If you want to buy an HP laptop charger online but are not sure how you are going to buy a HP laptop charger you want to buy it online and you don’t know how to find out the best one. 

Here are some points to consider before buying an HP laptop charger online. First and foremost, you need to check the brand and model of your laptop. You should be careful about the compatibility of the charger for your laptop.

 The second thing that you have to consider before buying an HP laptop charger is the quality of the laptop charger. You need to make sure about the quality of the charger before buying it. 

You have to check yourself if it is genuine or not. For Quality, You should check the reviews of the product before buying it. It will help you to find the right charger for your laptop. 

Another way is to search your laptop model number Online to find the right charger. For Example, If the laptop model number is (EliteBook 480) You can Search the “Model Number” + “Charger” and then see the Google Top websites and images. 

How To Find Hp Laptop Charger Serial Number?

There are so many reasons why people are interested in finding the serial number for their laptops. Maybe you’re a seller trying to sell your laptop online and need the serial number to prove that you’re the original owner. 

Maybe you’re a buyer and want to make sure you’re getting authentic products. Whatever your reason is, it’s important to know how to find the serial number and what you can do with it.

Hp laptop chargers usually come with a serial number or a number that will help you find the right charger for the model you’re looking for. Some hp laptop chargers will have a unique serial number on the bottom side of the charger. 

Unfortunately, some chargers don’t have any serial numbers on them. But don’t worry! There are some ways that you can check if your charger is an original from Hp.

Following are the steps to find Hp laptop charger serial number.

Step 1: Go to the official web of HP.

Step 2: Choose the model number of your laptop and then click ‘order’.

Step 3: Enter your laptop’s serial number in the given box.

Step 4: Check for the HP laptop charger serial number.

Step 5: Now take a copy of the Hp laptop charger serial number.

Step 6: Keep a copy of the Hp laptop charger serial number somewhere safe like in your wallet or purse.

Find Hp Laptop Charger Using the Model Number

In the window search box, type Run.exe. A new window will appear. Go there and type “dxdiag“, and you will see all your system details like your model number, RAM size, and storage space.

Make sure you copy down the model number of your laptop from the system information and open Google and type in the number you wrote down. It will bring up a list of websites. One of them will be the official website of your laptop. 

On the official website, there will be all the information about your laptop. You can find out things like what the battery model number is and how much power it uses, Ram Storage, etc.

 You can find your laptop serial number, model number, and product number by pressing Fn + Esc. The information will appear on your laptop’s home screen.


As you can see, identifying the right charger for your HP laptop can be a difficult task. By making use of the information provided in this article, you will be able to identify the right charger for your HP laptop in no time at all. 

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to identify HP laptop chargers. With this knowledge, we know that you can make sure to get the right charger for your HP laptop. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact us anytime on our Contact Page.  


How do I know what HP laptop Charger I have?

The easiest way to find out what HP laptop charger you have is to see the label on the end of the charger where the power cable plugs in. The label will usually have the model number of the computer. The most common HP laptop chargers are the HP Pavilion DV6, HP Pavilion DV7, and the HP Pavilion DV9000 series laptops.

How to Find the Right Charger for My HP Laptop?

In order to find the right charger for your HP laptop, you’ll need to be able to identify the HP laptop model number. If you don’t know the HP laptop model number, you can find it on the underside of your laptop. Oftentimes, it will be close to where your power cord plugs into the laptop.

Are all HP Laptop Chargers the Same?

No, all of them are not the same. There are many different kinds of laptops that have different kinds of chargers. To operate a certain kind of laptop, a certain kind of charger is needed. 

Can I Charge the Laptop Using a Power Bank?

A laptop or netbook is a very useful device to have in your life. However, we often face the problem of running out of battery. Here’s a simple way to charge a laptop using a power bank. Connect the USB charging cable to the power bank and then to the laptop. Wait for a few minutes and the laptop will start charging.

How do I Know if my HP Charger is Genuine?

The easiest way to tell if your HP charger is genuine is to contact the manufacturer and see if it will sell you one! Otherwise, you’ll need to look for an HP logo on the charger or the box, look for quality assurance logos like UL or ETL, or contact your regional Certification & Standards organization.

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